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Sydney Tree Removals offers dead tree removal and emergency tree removal in the Drummoyne. Since dead trees and emergency situations often do not require local council permits to remove we can remove the dangerous tree without having to wait for a council tree removal permit. We also offer a wide range of other tree removal services in the Drummoyne such as tree stump grinding, powerline clearance pine & palm tree removal and tree maintenance. Our Drummoyne tree removal costs are competitive. Not all tree removal companies in the Drummoyne are the same. You can have a tree lopper, or you can have a professional arborist. Tree loppers will remove or prune your tree, but they aren't training or qualified and could end up hurting themselves or damaging your property. A professional arborist on the other hand takes great care and pride in their work, ensures it is carried out safely, conforming to Australian Standards, to the industry's best practices set out by Work Cover.

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Tree Arbor Professionals

Did you know that you may not require a council permit in Drummoyne for dead tree removal? Or for emergency tree removal? Or for pruning up to 10% of the tree? If you require fast tree removal service in the Drummoyne area- Sydney Tree Removals can do it. When organising your Drummoyne tree service we can arrange to leave you fire wood, mulch, or wood chip if you desire. Just let us know when you are requesting your free tree pruning or tree lopping quote. We can also deliver mulch to Drummoyne from other jobs that don't want it.


Definitely the best tree pruning service I found in Drummoyne. Thank you Geoff and your crew. - Jane (Drummoyne)

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To arrange your free quotation, you can contact us by clicking here and filling in the details of the project, or you can call Sydney Tree Removals on 0488 222 296 during business hours.